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Aloe & Glow Soap

Aloe & Glow Soap

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A soothing and moisturizing soap great for all skin types, Aloe and Glow is made with fresh Aloe Vera juice from my garden. It’s suitable to use on the face, hands, and whole body, leaving the skin feeling soft, and it’s just perfect for sensitive skin.

The aloe vera also makes it particularly suitable for skin with scars, marks, acne, and even sunburns!

Aloe and Glow soap is 100% natural with green clay, which may help to draw out impurities without drying the skin.

- coconut oil
- cocoa butter
- olive oil
- sweet almond oil
- castor oil
- fresh aloe vera juice
- bergamot and Mandarin essential oils
- light green kaolin clay.

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