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Himalayan Pink Salt Bar

Himalayan Pink Salt Bar

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Product Information

Product Description

This salt bar combines all the goodness of handmade natural soap with the cleansing, exfoliating, and detoxifying qualities of a salty bath. Pink salt helps to relax and has an anti-stress effect; it has a soothing woody smell of patchouli essential oils.

This soap bar creates an amazing, creamy lather that gives an indulgent, luxurious feel.

So, relax, refresh, and revive yourself—your luxurious home spa awaits!


- Organic shea butter
- coconut oil
- olive oil,
- castor oil
- fine and coarse pink Himalayan salt
- French pink kaolin clay
- Patchouli essential oil

About the Product

Soap can be rubbed directly onto a wet or damp wash cloth or flannel; however, we would recommend that you use the soap with an exfoliating or natural soap bag or pouch

You can also use any soft flannel of your choice.

Work up a creamy, rich lather and wash all over as normal.

Handmade soaps are made with all natural ingredients, so they do not have chemicals to harden them. It is therefore important to keep them dry when not in use.

Product Details

Instruction of Use

Like your regular soap, wet your skin and rub the soap in your hands or on your body to create a rich lather. If you are using the soap to exfoliate, use the bar directly on your skin in gentle motions. This will help with physical exfoliation.

When you have cleansed your skin well, rinse it off, making sure to get all the soapy residue off.

Pat dry your skin and moisturize.

Please note:

Leaving it on your skin for too long can cause dryness as it dries up your skin’s natural oils.
As this is a great exfoliant that cleans out pores, it’s best reserved for once a week or when your skin needs a deep clean.