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There is nothing more exhilarating on a damp Autumn evening than the soothing scents of Fig, Mandarin, and Rosewood. The memories of gentle walks in Holland Park, a relaxing sitting on the wooden bench as you watch the day go by.

About the Product

Product Details

All the ingredients I use are vegan-friendly and all fragrances are cruelty-free!

- Natural Coconut wax- is currently regarded as the purest and most eco-friendly of all the waxes out there.
- Coconut wax burns more cleanly and produces far less soot than other waxes.
- Essential oil Scents: Fig, Mandarin, Rosewood
- Non-toxic cotton wick
- Net weight 230g/ 8oz
- Phthalate-free oil blend
- 40+ Hour burn-time
- Cruelty-free + non-toxic

Instruction of Use

- On first use, burn for 1-2 hours to ensure even burning throughout its life and avoid tunneling (and wastage) of wax.
- Vegetable waxes burn differently than standard paraffin wax.
- Keep the wick trimmed to prevent smoking, sooting, and uneven burning.
- Keep free of drafts.
- Never leave your candle unattended while lit.