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Each clamp shells packs comes in 8 blocks

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Product Information

Product Description

Beeswax candles occasionally develop a 'bloom' over the wax. The bloom is a natural occurring process and indicative of the wax being pure, it starts off as a slightly white film which develops over time. It will not affect the use of the candle, but if you prefer yours without this bloom, simply warm the candle in your hands and rub over the candle with a lint free cloth.
Each pack of our 8 cell clamp shell weighs 72g.

About the Product

Our Beeswax Wax Melts are crafted, handmade and poured in West Hampstead, London using only the best Organic 100% beeswax to create these gorgeous and delicately scented blocks of goodness.

Beeswax melts smell great naturally and burning beeswax helps purify and neutralise the air around your home. Beeswax also helps to eliminate dust and odours in your home whilst easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby.

Product Details

As the beeswax melts are handmade, there may be a slight variation in weight, shape, size and colour.

Photos and colours are described as accurately as possible, but colours may vary slightly due to computer monitors.

Instruction of Use

Instruction for care

-Remove all packaging and place the wax melt in the well of your wax melt burner.
- Use an unscented teal light or electric wax burner in line with the manufacturer's instructions.
- Only burn the melt on a levelled, fire resistant surface.
- Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
- Never burn out of sight.
- Keep away from young children and pets.